5) Reasons Why I Started Coding:

  1. Loving almost everything about technology, and Programming. mainly having the curiosity, and passion to discover the whole new, vast, evolving world of tech that we living in today.
  2. I can and (Do) my work and also my tasks remotly or “Automaticly”.
  3. Giving me the ability of problem solving skills and logical thinking and much more…
  4. I have extra time to pursue my (Hobbies), and other Interests like: Football Bascketball…

-I wish that this simple article would inspire you or even motivate you to start your amazing coding journey, peace to you all my friends.




Learner, Full-stack Devs , And Tech Interest.

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mohamed salem atigh

mohamed salem atigh

Learner, Full-stack Devs , And Tech Interest.

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